About Us


Welcome to Southern Texas Careers Academy. You have made a wise decision about your future by choosing a career in the exciting field of beauty and wellness. The Academy is here to support you as you pursue your goal of excellence. Our curriculum is designed to introduce all the tools you will need to begin your journey. The integration of academic  learning with  the practical application  of required  skills combined with interpersonal and business skills training sets us apart. The practice of important personal goal orientations, dedication, and class attendance as scheduled, and the completion of all your assignments in a timely manner, combined with your commitment to success is critical. After all, the very first step to achieving you r career goals is to complete your foundation training. The Academy and its qualified staff are here to assist you. We look forward to sharing your journey!


The mission of Southern Texas Careers Academy is to provide our students with the knowledge an d training necessary  for  career  success  in  t he  beauty and wellness industry.  By learning in an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence, students will gain a successful foundation  for a satisfying career.  The Academy strives to teach teamwork and respect while emphasizing the need for continued personal and professional growth in order to meet the highest standards of the profession.


The mission of Southern Texas Careers Academy will be accomplished by:

– Assessing Academy performance as related to its stated objectives, summarizing assessment results, and using the assessment to maintain and improve Academy performance.

– Employing an instructional staff that is fully qualified and of adequate size to fulfill the objectives of the educational programs in every mode of delivery.

– Maintaining effective administrative policies and services appropriate to the educational programs in accordance with all applicable agencies and rules.

– Administering Admission policies appropriate for the Academy’s mission and educational objectives.(Providing appropriate student support services.)

– Offering quality educational programs fitting with the Academy’s mission and educational objectives that incorporate job market requirements.

– Maintaining a sound financial condition using qualified financial management.

– Providing academic and practical learning space, equipment, and products that meet professional standards of safety and hygiene.

– Using systematic student evaluation methods and ensuring satisfactory achievement of program objectives.


In the Academy’s effort to ensure achievement of its mission, it will assess its mission, educational programs and objectives by soliciting feedback on at least an annual basis from its current students, graduate students and from members of the Advisory Committee. Feedback will be discussed periodically during staff meetings and improvements or changes made as a result of feedback will be documented. A summary of such feedback will be maintained in The Academy’s Outcomes Assessment Binder.


The McAllen campus offers a modern environment consistent with the beauty and wellness industry including:

– 16,000 square feet of space

– Classrooms for academic and practical learning in all programs are well equipped

– A Student Salon with state-of-the art equipment for in-house training

– Two student lounges equipped with refrigerator, sink, tables and chairs.

– Offices for Admissions, Financial Aid, Administration, Education, and Academic Advising (An extensive resource center for students including textbooks, manuals, and periodicals)

– Theater for audio/visual presentations