Letter from The President

Dear students, 


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Southern Texas Careers Academy. You have chosen a career that requires passion, art, and skill. I am so pleased that you’ve chosen Southern Texas Careers Academy to teach you those skills you will need to succeed as a professional.


My expectations for STC Academy are extremely high because I believe that an individual whose career is in the beauty and wellness industries should be held to rigorous professional standards. You will learn more than just what you can learn in the classroom. You’ll also receive valuable hands-on experience taught by instructors who will instruct you in critical thinking, respect, and customer relations in addition to your course requirements. 


Southern Texas Careers Academy continuously assesses all courses to improve performance and professional growth. Our objective is to achieve the highest standards in the beauty and wellness professions, putting students at the top of the list for future employment and continued industry development. 


Integrating our students into a realistic learning environment and demonstrating the differences in products and equipment in a professional setting will move you forward in the learning process. Working with chemicals, color correction, perms, and hair and scalp treatment all require knowledge, skill, and steadfast precision. Wax hair removal, facials, makeup application, and even the task of shampooing and blow-drying hair all require detailed instruction in order to be performed properly and professionally. 


The facility is excellent, the classrooms are well situated, and the salon is first-rate. Our school is a real-world salon open to the public, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills in a real-life setting.


Our faculty is second to none. The instructors are all experienced and possess highly honed skills, and they are all well acquainted with the styles, make-up, technology, and processes that encompass today’s beauty industry.


I look forward to watching each of you transform into beauty care specialists. As I see it, only one beauty school can claim to be the best. We have worked hard to ensure that that school is Southern Texas Careers Academy.


Sincerely yours, 



Nora Shah 

President / CEO

Nora Shah PIc-r

Nora Shah


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