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Admission Requirements

Prior to admission, you will be given an enrollment requirements form and schedule, an interview with a school official, and will receive a pre-enrollment questionnaire packet, which you will be required to read, understand, and sign. The interview will cover the course description, career opportunities, the physical demands of the job, and the school and State Board requirements.

  1. Tour the facility and attend an Informational Interview. Parents or spouses are encouraged to be present.
  2. Submit the proof of age, high school diploma, and employability.
  3. Complete the Enrollment Agreement. Pay the $100 Registration Fee.
  4. Upon receipt of all required documents and in good order, the prospective student is eligible to enroll in the school.
  5. When all admissions requirements are met, you will be given the date of the next class. Bring your Student Permit Fee, if applicable, and you will be informed of the appropriate dress code. The first day of class will include financial aid and academic orientation, and you will sign their enrollment contract, student permit form, and any additional required paperwork.

This is a list of required documentation provided to the student during enrollment and orientation:

  • Enrollment Requirements Form
  • Course Description
  • Enrollment Questionnaire
  • Completion/Licensure Statistics form
  • Physical Demands form
  • Safety Requirements form
  • Campus Consumer Crime Statistics information
  • Student Handbook
  • Consumer information

* Southern Texas Careers Academy reserves the right to deny admission to any person for any nondiscriminatory reason. Applicants are notified of their admission status within a reasonable timeframe.


Transfer of Credits

Southern Texas Careers Academy will accept transfer students due to relocation and other extenuating circumstances; however, STC Academy does not actively recruit students already enrolled in or attending other schools. Upon application for transfer to Southern Texas Careers Academy and after obtaining approval from the state regulatory agency for previous training, the applicant will be assigned to the appropriate class. Such students must meet all regular admission requirements. Once approved for enrollment, tuition will be charged at the hourly rate (current tuition) for the remaining hours required to complete the program of study unless an outstanding balance remains which must be paid, plus the applicable registration fee. The transferring student may purchase STC Academy’s kit or provide a kit that complies with STC Academy’s kit requirements.


GED Testing Centers in the Area

Students who will or are currently attending STC Academy can obtain information regarding GED Testing by going to the site below.

GED Centers


Vaccination Policy

Southern Texas Careers Academy requires all students to be current with any state-mandated immunizations required by all post-secondary institutions.

Refund Policy

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