Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

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Students with a state or federal drug conviction for possession or sale of illegal drugs must meet the following requirements to be eligible. A student must resolve any drug conviction as outlined in 34 CRF 668.32: A federal or state drug conviction can disqualify a student for FSA funds. The student self-certifies in applying for aid that he/she is eligible; Southern Texas Careers Academy will only confirm if receive conflicting information. A conviction that was reversed, set aside, or removed from the student’s record, received when the student was a juvenile unless she/he was tried as an adult are not considered. All other convictions for sale (includes convictions for conspiring to sell drugs) and/or possession is subject to the following: Possession of illegal drugs Sale of illegal drug 1st Offense 1yr from date of conviction 2 yr from date of conviction 2nd Offense 2yr from date of conviction Indefinite period 3rd Offense Indefinite period If both offenses apply, the student will be ineligible for the longer period. A student regains eligibility the day after the period of ineligible ends or when he/she successfully completes a qualified drug rehabilitation program. A further drug conviction will make him/her ineligible again. A qualified drug rehabilitation program must include at least two unannounced drug tests and must satisfy at least one of the following requirements: Be qualified to receive funds directly or indirectly from a federal, state, or local government program. Be qualified to receive payment directly or indirectly from a federally or state-licensed insurance company. Be administered or recognized by federal, state or local government agency or court. Be administered or recognized by a federally, or state-licensed hospital, health clinic, or medical doctor.

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