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Imagine becoming an instructor and inspiring the next generation of beauty professionals. Taking your career to the next level can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a lifetime.

Many young adults in McAllen and the surrounding areas have the desire to learn to become skilled, a professional cosmetologist, esthetician or a nail technician. To achieve their goals, they need guidance and understanding that only a professional licensed cosmetologist can provide.

Also, becoming an instructor will allow you to include the wording “Cosmetology Instructor” to your business card. This will put you in the enviable position of being the person whom the other cosmetologists admire and respect.

And your own clients will be impressed that you have reached the instructor level.

Obtaining and instructor designation will also help your own career. Most new clients feel more confident in the abilities of their stylist when it is an instructor in cosmetology who is styling, coloring, and cutting their hair. Ask yourself what decision you would make if you had two choices of doctors. One doctor is a specialist and the other is a specialist who is so talented and well regarded that he or she teaches other doctors. Which would you choose?

You will learn the finer points of cosmetology and the proper techniques in giving your students the instruction they need to become licensed, successful operators. You will not only be able to teach the proper methods of cosmetology, but you will acquire the talent and skills necessary to teach your students the finer points of the art of cosmetology.

Once you have graduated from a school of cosmetology and with the experience that you have gained during your career, you will find that completing an instructor’s course at Southern Texas Careers Academy in McAllen is, in the opinion of most, much easier than when you first studied in beauty school.

If you have what it takes to train the next generation, we are looking for you. Sign up now and learn the most effective ways to pass along all the knowledge and skills you have accumulated during your career. Help others continue making our world a better, more beautiful place.

Student Instructor Program - 750 HOURS
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