The student pays The Academy the tuition and fees for the program selected in advance upon commencement of the course of study unless other payment arrangements are made and agreed upon by all applicable parties .

The student, or his/her guardian, agrees to pay the Academy bi-monthly, weekly, or monthly payments as agreed upon. The methods of payment acceptable are as follows; cash, credit card, money order, check, title IV, loan. All tuition costs are found in the Fee Schedule. An applicant denied admission to the Academy would be refunded all monies paid to the Academy. Textbooks, uniforms and selected supp lies are not included in the tuition and shall be considered separately in refund computations. Changes in schedules are possible du e to family situations, changes in work conditions or changes in financial conditions. There will be a charge for each occurrence, payable up front and accommodation s will be made de pending on space availability. Th e Academy may, at its opt ion and without notice, prevent the student from attending class until the applicable unpaid balance is satisfied. Each course has been scheduled for completion within an allotted time frame. If a student does not graduate within the contract period a re-enrollment contract (addendum) will be required and all remaining hours will be billed as per the enrollment agreement, payable in advance, until graduation.